Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays...From Nebraska

Mom has been saying for a while that we were going to the farm for Christmas. Well, it's finally time and man, it's a long way to the farm! Mom got me up really early yesterday and we got in the car and rode,!

Anyway, we were talking to Grandma tonight and mom told her that I'm turning four next week - Four! Time really does fly. Grandma has a fit, but mom picked me up and we recreated the first picture of me mom ever saw, before we even met. Grandma had a copy of that picture too, so here they are.



Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Here are a few pictures from the Halloween party mom took me to last week at my doggie daycamp. It was lots of fun, and there were lots of other doggies in their Halloween costumes too.

We got to the party and had to wait around for a long time for the fun to start. I tried very hard to be a good big boy - it was really difficult with so many of my friends around.

There was this little guy dressed up as a fireman

And this Cocker Spaniel dressed up like a skunk.

I wore my Cowardly Lion costume - which I love! Thanks Grandma!

This little Pug was dressed up like a horse, taking a cowboy for a ride.

And this little Pug was dressed like Dorothy!!!!!

And her sister was dressed up like Glenda the Good Witch - Mom tried to make us pose for a picture - I don't think the girls were any more excited about it than I was.

And now, I'm a sleepy lion!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Road Trip -September 2010

Mom decided last Friday that we were going to the mountains for the weekend. I thought we were going back to Keystone, but she said, no, much father. We (mom, Miss Gina and I) drove for a long time, until we got to a town that seemed familiar. Mom reminded me that it was the town where she goes when she works on the whitewater and it was also the town where she adopted me! We didn't stay long though - we had many more miles to cover. Mom says we went to the Crested Butte and Gunnison. Enjoy the pictures!

Mom says this is Cottonwood Pass - and man, was it cold out there. I didn't want to be out of the car for long at all!

We saw this big dude just sitting around all by his lonesome along the road.

When we got to the Crested Butte, mom parallel parked the car (on her fourth or fifth try) and we got out to walk - they were having some sort of festival, it was fun. There were lots of dogs around to visit with along the streets.

Eventually, mom and Miss Gina said it was time to eat. Our friends Lacie & Andy told mom that we should definitely go to this place to eat...

It's called the Secret Stash, and according to mom and Miss Gina, its DELICIOUS! I thought it was pretty cool too, because I got to hang out with them while they ate...

I was supposed to lie down under the table, but there was too much going on, and their pizza smelled soooooo good! I'll try to be better next time (mom keeps saying we might go back soon, I hope she lets me go too!)

After the pizza, we went to a place mom called Gunnison to find our home for the night.

So seriously, this place is adorable, and the people that run it are really nice too, and and and...they let me stay, so it's a great place!

Had to check out the room, but it was little, so it didn't take too long.

Since we were at an "island" resort, I figured I'd best pose for a photo op with the hula bear wood carving!

It was a very long day, I hate sleeping in the car, I'm afraid I might miss something. So after the bonfire with the other guests at the motel, making s'mores (mom wouldn't let me have one), and some blueberry lemonade for mom, and some Bailey's for mom and Miss Gina (again, they both said no), I finally fell asleep!

This was the next morning. Mom took me out early because I was up, and man was it cold. Good thing she had to take her shoes off before climbing back into bed. Mom said I need to be better about boundaries when we travel. (Don't worry Grandma...if I get to go with you next time, I promise, I'll be very, very good - or keep you very warm)!

The next day, we drove through more mountains, through lots and lots of aspen trees. Mom took lots of pictures, but I figured this would give you the idea.

In fact, we drove until we ran out of mountains to drive through. Mom said we were on the Grand Mesa.
On the way home, we found this nice little orchard/market. It was fun. They had a band, I got to walk around a bit and dance a little, and mom and Miss Gina got some goodies!

It was a fun trip - I can't wait to go again!

My new costume

So, here's the one Grandma has been waiting for. Mom said that she sent me a new halloween costume. Mom and I looked at a bunch of e-mails grandma sent us that were full of halloween costumes - in my size even! They were all super cute, but my favorite was the Lion. Which mom says is ironic, because I am beyond terrified of cats! No lie, they creep me out!

Mom said she thought she was going to have to do some tailoring, but it fits pretty well, except the hoodie part is a little big, but I know she can fix that. Can't wait for my howl-o-ween parties this year!

Mom says if you are looking for costumes for your furkids - they have them here.

I know that she is going to take more pictures of me in my costume soon, so stay tuned.

Norm the Semi-Frequent Traveller

Mom has started letting me go with her to the mountains sometimes when she has to go for work. We always stay at this nice little hotel - The Inn at Keystone. The guys at the front desk are always so nice and friendly to me. In fact, they're always telling mom that I could hang out with them while mom does her work things. She always tells them that they have no idea what they would be in for. One of these days, we'll convince her.

Anyway, here are some pictures from my stays at Keystone this year. I think the first time we went was when the cousins Daven and Avery were there on vacation, it's always fun to see them!

Here I am at the Inn.

Riding the elevator to our room

Helping mom bring in the luggage and my crate. (In my red sweatshirt, of course, it was a Husker game day after all!)

Checking out the view, from the bed.

Checking out the views

Making myself comfortable!

Hanging out with cousin Avery.

It's a pretty great place, and I'm always excited to go back! They have great trails for mom and I to go walking on, and there are always other dogs staying too!

Christmas 2009

I can't believe it's been so long since mom let me get to the computer. I have pictures I want to show you and have got to tell you about our trip to Nebraska last year for Christmas...not that I saw much of Nebraska while we were there.

We had to leave sooner than mom had planned to go to Nebraska. Mom said that grandma was scared that the roads would be too bad if we waited. So we left a day early, only it was night time. We stopped in North Platte and stayed at a little motel that had two little beds. I'm not sure why there were 2 beds, I was perfectly comfortable stretched out next to mom - though she asked me to scoot over an awful lot that night.

Anyway, we finally got to the farm and grandpa Ed was there to meet us. Grandma was still at school. When she called after school, she was surprised that we were already there. Then, when mom got home, I was eager to say hello.

Anyway, it's been a long time since then. What I remember most was that it snowed. A LOT. In fact, after we got to grandma's house, I didn't get to leave the drive way again until it was time to go back to Colorado 6 days later.

Oh, and the power went out, so we used lots of blankets to stay warm when we were away from the fireplace - which wasn't very often.

Mom did let me go out and play one afternoon when it wasn't as cold. Until that day, it had been so cold that I didn't even really want to go outside to "do my business", but mom would make me. Here, I'm modeling the lovely sweater grandma got me for Christmas - see how it matches my boots, pretty cool, huh.

Mom let me drag her all over the yard on the farm, I jumped in a bunch of snow drifts.

And ran around in the snow.

And found the doggy door for the barn...

And discovered that I don't fit through the doggy door.

When we came inside, mom said we had to leave our shoes by the back door, on the papers so the water could melt off and not make a mess - grandma seemed to like that idea.
All that running around made me tired!
This is me, taking a break from the fireplace, hanging out with my pet elephant, on the couch at grandma's.

And here, I'm modeling the pretty bow tie grandma got me for Christmas. I sure have enjoyed wearing it for special occasions this year.

And one last look - keeping warm, near the fireplace. Mom said the power was out for about 36 hours. It was a long time! She also says next time we go to the farm in the winter, we'll bring some of the good grown up drinks, but I don't think they are for me.

It was a fun trip, quite the adventure!